Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Ancestors Geneameme

In this blog I am responding to Geniaus's challenge and here have posted my answers to her 40 questions.
As requested: 
Things I have already done or found will be typed in Bold.
Things I would like to do or find will be italicized in red.
Things I have not done or found will be in plain type.

1 .I can name my 16 great great grandparents
2. I can name over 50 direct ancestors
3.  I have photographs of 7 of my  8 great grandparents so would like to find a photograph of one more.
4.  I have an ancestor who was married more than three times (4)
5.  I have not found an ancestor who was a bigamist yet...
6.  I have met three of my grandparents.
7.  I have met one great grandparent and one great great grandparent
8.  I have given four children middle names after ancestors 
9.  I bear an ancestors given name as my middle name
10. I have many ancestors from Great Britain and Ireland
11.  I have no ancestor as yet from Asia
12. I have ancestors from Continental Europe
13. I have no ancestor from Africa
14. I have many ancestors who were agricultural labourers (Ag Labs)
15. I have ancestors who had  large land holdings
16. I have ancestors who were a holy men (Sexton of St Mary's Islington and Methodist Minister Lincolnshire)
17. I have not found an ancestor who was a midwife 
18. I have 2 ancestors  who were authors
19. I have an ancestor with the surname Smith
20. I have not found an ancestor with the surname Wong, Kim, Suzuki or Ng
21. I have no ancestor with a surname beginning with X
22. I have no ancestor with a forename beginning with z
23. I have more than one ancestor born on 25th December
24. I have several ancestors born on New Years Day
25. I have blue blood in my veins
26. I have no parent born in a country different to my birth country
27. I have two grandparents born in Countries other than my birth country
28. I can trace more than one direct line back to the 18th century 
29. I can trace several family lines back to the seventeenth century and earlier
30. I have seen copies of signatures of several of my great grandparents
31. I have ancestors who signed their marriage certificates with an x (the ag labs and convicts)
32. I have several great grandparents and earlier who went to university
33. I have 7 ancestors who were convicted of a criminal offence (dare I admit this?)
34. I have an ancestor who was a victim of crime
35. I have shared ancestors' stories online (in Blogs)
36. I have published a family history online (, blogs)
37. I have visited the homes of ancestors from the 19th century and earlier
38. I still have an ancestors home from the 19th century in the family (farm and original home)
39. I have a family bible from the 19th century
40. I have a family bible from the 17th century. 

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  1. Thanks for taking up the meme challenge Sharn.
    Seven may seem like a lot of crims amongst the ancestors - I don't know if I will share how many I have but it's about twice what you have.